“Chess Game” Milan

The chess “game” (war) is about outsmarting and killing your adversary and unfortunately not about reconciliation.
In our “racial civil war” white old (but exhausted from this situation) man has black chess pieces against the white ones, but the black man/woman (adversary) who is expected to fill the symmetry and play the white pieces (under the cruel rules of competitive capitalism) is missing.
Is the black man/woman missing because the old white man wants to control the black pieces and a black man/woman controlling the white pieces is not desirable because he/she could win the chess war?
Or is it because the white (politically correct) man wants to help black pieces to win the war over white pieces no matter who is playing on the opposite side? (This can be offensive to some Black people because they can fight for themselves and do not want arrogant white people to telling them how to move pieces in the “war game” against the white pieces).
But who would be playing the white pieces in such a case? Black man/woman or again the white man/woman?
If it were a smart black man/woman, would such a person cheat the game in order to let the black pieces win, or would such a person want to win to get the position of white privilege and to betray his/her own people?
If it were a white person, would such a person want to win over the other white person in order to preserve its own privilege? Or would such a person cheat the game in order to let the black pieces “win” temporarily? Which would be effectively complete white control over the game (which looks to me like the real scenario in our contemporary US “racial / identity civil war”. The BLM organization accepting tens of millions of dollars in donations from white privileged organizations or people like the Ford Foundations, Jeff Bezos’s Amazon, Bill Gates, etc..).
Of course, there can be more scenarios in this war game, right? Unfortunately, all of them are messy because the capitalistic system will play this chess game with its smartest and most spineless players…

The whole scene is framed (on the horizon) by “private banking and wealth management signs”-which is actually the real reason why we have this stupid racial and identity civil war in this country-because the rich pigs who are controlling the economy (which means the government) want us to fight among each other (divide and conquer chess strategy) for the elusive and unreachable dream of also being wealthy and winning control and exploiting the other side. We should unite against the capitalistic system (the source of real racial-less and identity-less privilege) and not fight against each other in order to become privileged capitalists.

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