Pink Heart Black Heart, excerpt – Lewis Gesner – Indonesian chapter .. from million word work in progress book in longhand ..

Excerpt from book in progress, Pink Heat Black Heart – from chapter on Indonesia Lewis Gesner

As the dictates plummet from the ornamented and wired rooftop, the flow of rain and electricity and the bursting chant proclaims the difficulty and precise spiraling of the shell, is here a reasonable guide and as much as the plastic and discharged muck at easy reach there is little especially tragic or heroic the mere null set necessity glosses much the hours and supplies from kitchen to table from meal to anticipated digestion.

The log went rolling through it which is the eon, and therein gathered jelly sand and coral on its skin, the penultimate of natural grace and majesty to be shielded by what you endure.

Have it more and never a particular time and quell waiting on air signals and dissonance.

If all more brick and terracotta and the steel gate with a useless latch greets the wanderer beside the speckles of rain as the array, make note quantity, step or increment looped, graph and chart evasion.

Sandal squashed, wear, striped bucket, puddle danglers unspecified touch cataloged color pared.

Primed to worry packed and packaged, hot stilt with its fiber tip, hesitates despite the skill approaching cobblestone and pit holes challenge function, auctioned moments to the generic placement of destination store or mosque, halted.

Itch on the stinger’s penetration practice chord is practical model, sided and accompanied, leading and to push away and more complexify that each announces or wans the direction of its spin.

Calcified nettles climate to survive rampant, to specify.

Walls of nuts and dry husk twice patient to the fore a calm blink suffice to accommodate associated emotion glitch.

Bunched in gobs voluptuous cold blossoms spent.

The striving for compact cold with flawless ending on melt street, wavers faintly a hawker.

And an early clamp of sap, the giant ferns dripping during burn off half a face equated to the malingering beast, brown as raisins and after constipation can be breathed in with the will, the fiber clutching to secure implant status to embrace overt and the premise lux wanting for a place to crease at the middle, in the morning lurking, foraging beasts.

Liken it to a row of depress able shoes on a board, a brunt is waiting.

Bought and sold for plugs inspired officers trim cut, tied smart blank stage mask signified neutral authority or emotionless punishment, slow lurk cane hats and drag the plow knee deep, foster, swim as water flooded gilled.

Coarse and dragged over limits to the coding barriers of fat, the body of the heat sink stirred to vet and giantism in a lush regard, musical tones, half-watts and a white burst makes for the plantation tires lace stuck to it prone cranial bumps inspired expressed at scurry dates, laps formal shanks currently attentive cans packed tightly, clean breeze tangle dripping oil organ flux creep forth from trust floppy.

Drift under confidence, spores purr, husk hooks expelled into temperate time and light a long part divided by have things in threes and spider belts around the goon and slamming of door and flooding bogs the roosters rose with us the strokes of matters in weedy night existent line adjusted plies better the trunk is fatally releasing and detail and cost is mottled and now the slice is a sandwich overseen sharpening – strange belching, quiet mire otherwise dreams of augmentation in clock mechanisms with slug trails you can sand wash and purify both a salute by pepper basket the essence is the most prepared part scripting of the girdled life all and only personal point of view expressed with exaggeration frosty range and skins it must be an icebox and slasher flick on VHS paddling toward at the fish farm.

Invent “spaddle” to describe one slight ancient the other robust and pregnant reach of score shaped plastic jib, helmets and dust crane roads convivial dredge “slatter” pups feast corpse ruts there patter to secure a sufficiently dense date that not bleeds through nor tears, tile, tile and crumbles, tile moss and giant fern paled cheeked too fancy parts inglorious offers equal rolling uneven wheels trunks mingle matter coagulated to pin heads fear toppled ages gods not requiring much new grinding simplex, blades are broader, breeches more penetrating.

Protective crust against surge, pearl meets ebony black forest spill set in cataloged arrays with stepper motor from crude to cut in increments the extent of pot filled dirt fiddles at the loosest establishes as a stapled multi-purpose mat holes of stations until completion, two modes in breakout busted sight rhetorical wards knuckled, spread across mass composed.

A field of stake tried pungent spore oppressed, hopeful stippling heavy from permanent steeping wide set, pagination to consider, and compression, and shrinkage, extremes acted out fails the vision test so cannot curate, much less conspire sputters a word cramps a variant, strongly fudged urged but there’s a dumping sieve sure to map, normal oscillation sucked for the bead of control pearls bud, mouths change rings as much as we touch for para the bleat and a chirp on a crank fertilization in step if you can fashion mere poles with emerald hook bristle terror silence overlays hidden gross anticipate eruption and await the ash there is a pallid hot snap outwardly adroit and prurient, sitting where the window casts wooden bars but you can saw, shutters, but a level split to pieces mortal wrestle plucked from four graves to greatness a stately worm fattening and dividing or a voice gone bad.

Tomb to temple prayer to rap prongs resonate alert abrupt appeal and shavings in fraction form over jealous love resounding penetrator sprig flavored obstruction principle circled the camp and violators were towed renounce and watch the spiral out reward and chambering slack grow taut.

We had crop cakes after storms and the burn off utter mow and thistle moist shift wave collaborative whittle slow class ruts over woods eliminated holes throughout by fermentation gas pockets, sour bulge.

The banister is gummy as the stickers have all peeled apart the years provide though for some image heightened grip opened up on food receptors instantly vagrant congratulations, beef spread, clam snapping shut insults worlds receiving notes from space, even in far reaches descendent muffle suspended mid-drift supervisor of moons and metal sparkles bamboo cluster crimping exercises, diverting the course exercises and degrees of discursive investigation and riddle evasive to discomfort.

Chaste roosters and abundant disk advancing into horns abundant and sumptuous on the slate pay reversal prime lawn urges mortals flushing through a grape stem incontinent fixture it’s good to see the common display well, it seems so unlikely a still night reaching inward look for spots most worn from ogling.

Cave samples, the square within the pattern on each the vegetable within the fruit then in fear to scurry with an incisor and a pastry fish (such as veneer) have to lose the principle to gain the satellite last of grunts founds a father, and a supplemental trill over pattern, one cool breeze over humid steam release body.

Insert, rust spending edible whiteness orange slur nibble elemental stroke everyone provokes as an animal vast and traveled over grump stokes stainless steel trains mass comes mass spending smoke author speaks preservation dip in the early proportions throbbing and intransitive spider button has the native touch in proposed escort salt block latent gall over-established read, results snotty congestion a waxy free phoneme many carp gather residentially described as a capstone to efficiency and answered ringers and alarms with noncommittal greetings.

While the bleeding pen it’s not a blur but it is discreet something arrives in a vermillion sling sobbing the chicken in skinny on the bone but is from their own farm raised on tightened cereal it can’t again the field swell block the bumper of the native foreigner fossilized nostril paint, stay in the calm pared off the bowel forms the extend in the dextrose limb capable to precise deposit the strains are still and chrome carried in silks pockets para-lingually convivial in the form of station masters cement room comforts radiant meter reading, lilting voice in any language according to the population this house makes mushrooms but no steeples to be found here other were the glyphs of perpetration cans for loading sparks of wait-out nascent grey puddles fresh to spire into wealthy spectrums whirls a pool like got off early fair smacked puds the pinky nail the want for pure product stencil and spurts in drums slap a vegetable cork from clouds teamed pill compliment phony drips on a screen blackout of controlled some expert knowledge but pray to the stone unseated observers disappear lace breaker wings for waves duplication in forwarding sleep to claps of sound trills evaporation sanction pain sap, earthly stamen krill forming from infection instruction forming opinion from diuretic evacuation a question of reason poor labeled scraps the strike of glowing the mind at eleven percent.

The plugs are here to appear to compel a style of frills and grape sized dropping they don’t just signal, they entertain.

Feeds the mechanism to burp bores its way, artist production, the rugs have matted excavated banquet a clause and burst of stipple we call the various kinds of love the projects of the worm butts it’s redundant language something in the frost they call perma-roast the truck unto bait sophisticate, the grass repellant.

Cognate mire, honesty pluck, the chickens come countrified drizzle in shack of auxiliary hours, powdered blue the sheath anagram was a metal bracket how others can conclude and mysterious, oversized leaves piercing instruments of the early morning insects and approaching the lance baton special conditions deal, spelled out the names of three auditors (of dust) comprehending signs and literalisms as your own turn of fate up comes diverse accounts joining and parsing of the same the mourning shad equations of the least prepared for school emergent and a dream clad flavored to tempt tugs the cross of lace the initiates were beak martyrs, squid, fowl, secular pecks, drain monitors, eat the label first, the correction comes soon lamp lit blurred estate extravagant pine the cheating was a failure at warning, the pounce was a dyspeptic chill spelled with lice into spaces thousands of expressionless buried as gels in a cave it’s equal, to entanglement from one’s mass.

Self-conscious use of miniature with the exposure of one brain enjoyed a lifetime of candy old sarcastic gateways as a plow down numbered streets, a salvo of beets from every hole comprised, to the ear, the cough seemed tonally perfect for each one there, there was a spirit presence on each tong of the rake mystery of the peeing cadaver ran a lot along a dilated tape canal molted and in interesting tides, labels naps a hibernation, the waters also are our irrigation, no to the interest and loss of boats unmoored which spends on cities.

Manure piles left steeping, picking and checking, it can’t move, grunge thunk periodic notching, critical nutting, colossal fly saucers are real and other deviant dreams, else, nudging, slap of shoes, the blood cracked coat of defense figuring which of design are extreme dwelling the compression created as the shape flops from one face to another over a changing terrain no one expected what emerged from the tread of the tire, in the face of the supplier, red foil genius, conventional measure to quietly deferred to the bland mucilage that compiles into bulk mind and thought have nowhere to go the aggression aligned with the release of the dirty word to air.

Advanced to the degree of emptiness, the creatures of the moat are more for fashion of the day then service you can feel caution as an emotion rather than fear or addition and subtraction as a sensation harsh in the throat force one like, you pay to give up yourself the punch is what erupts from the counter sleeve the mouth being a significant part of the emitter base and concerning the haste of utterance, three miles buildup before it is slung represents a standard and that includes the walk down green footpaths past the fish farm and ivy lattice there is more chattering than bottling the improvisation begun at the choking of the song you can see a similar interior roof construction across the southeast the primate is on the stoop but you’ve never met collectively there is a moldy whole uprooted.

Progress is the rump of a beast features being determined by the field and mode, whatever you can claim through leering housing and management gardens, binding flows in many directions, likes and ifs and swellings never seen before, calm, imagination undoing or a chamber of fifths in a waltz you can feel the ages in the unearthed script or the dry skin my own image cannot be tailored salty slack, loose chickens feeding in a ash pie, foot traffic and wheel, and the stair upholstery trips you have weed sorted accidental plucks the detonator stem retreat in study, faint duty.

After the first insect wave others follow assembly of surgeries and for effect, the baked the hair, likens to the grinding voices of a mentor of which three of his mouths are occupied by whistles recipient of a backward stamp too familiar to a place forming rites and urges to scratch raw, taking deliveries all day twirling takes room to stumble and a motor that doesn’t need to be pressed to its limit.

The impulse to document, the virtue to stimulate without promise of reward, such is the unturned stone and the salamander grail in the innocent eye, the individual slices of the outer boundary wall may be praised for its desire to realize a community strength which thus comprises the wall thrust supply that seems endless for one generation.

Hyphenated words reform in combinations to make compete sentiment or to heighten into lux range superfluity winding with chalk sense depends on you for help in not expiring always better sidestepped flocks while shame compounds, make a valley and a city with arrogance, the staple or the pin mediate, confer attempts in chord form, negate the angle by division at corners, inward or away in short digress to epitomize.

Shuck your culture stamp at the door- key term -avoid angles divided as points occur common fats and fasts evolve over the sea stew or proclaim a midst to so understand extents in any of the directions as measured by magnetic instruments, or, to pardon before slobbering plush decay emergent flower traces degenerative feed you see the body lacks movement.

Lumpy falling grasping thumbs strange laugh after eating beef or just three skins super and graded as enough without comment to quality guts wrenching stones to worship, guts wrenching wood piles how stitched sacks balance the clown as it straddles the sides of the tank, models of mental structure the bowls though appearing rigid are in fact squeezed plum like in an addition space you don’t call weird what you try to normalize expressing confidence to earn fair basket rinse of strength flushes loose and sways with torque bars a grunting place to fart in or for bones sit until slack jaw drops entirety to ground level and exsanguinate, complete flaming, glowing, engulfing, orbiting panels on a plane compete as barrier for the spectrum of constitution in its divides the sounds of rumbling stone approaches and the engines quake their tones in loneliness.

Slabs and a dictionary of given names and you can eat the rest instability is just accumulation at a clot assemble at a grey composition ascribe the outline, as distorted by a lens regard under-skirted thunder as a sign of approval of a mission but I not at all firm on the nature of phenomenon but also gloat about the way it pours out appropriating comfort from believers in a plan supported by a truss display of nature as old injuries.

Embedded is a glimpse of the apparatus that does the dicing and cubing how you tumbled on the way to the bath.

Foul of the consumer stumbling past on natty, roped up dove-tail cobbled sticks, expectations are a gloss of green, extracted through the silver door conform produces gel to cream applies similarly to mood enhancement as in cheering or confounding explorers think their colors on a scale, some as pouty liars. 

Or simply, wearing shoes and cadence plus quick conclusion your hands will automatically search for a grip, separately and equally broken on return anything even the splintered edge of an imperfect plank can be your wipe so used, to travel rough for some it’s a frame for disgust our agency reports feldspar deposits and earth removal whose children climb beams and fall from trees imagine it as us just running through a pipe, something historical to catalog the just for a list of dreams or a mire be stationed porridge without capacity to parse.

Continue with the use of acronyms, heat, and oil resin or a lot of able and trained digits, note the eyes scan the room, howl and stirrup outburst case repair sub shower chopped the delivery bobbled appointment the gravity of ruts effectively attracts stages to an outer sling, a sheering tool a pin for bait, a hook to gaff a wheel on a ring to ramble on desiccated warehouse floors the portrait of a white cape the nailed together and hewn surroundings request a broad dramatization to communicate symbolically sliding outcry such tools for basic swarming are known the bell in the mine for deceitful, the heat is from the areas of the mouth that are difficult to access to find your favorite spot on, the leeches plan their escapades this is life to me, before oppressive heat, before dawn an occasion of lucidity confirms, beginner generation of disguised meat wrapped anvil in the cured skins three to an age maiden impression olden bug eyes while fish collapse twinkle native shins and choice to the infantile. 

Shingle, tile, clay, muddle, lint spaced on the jacket cilia encased proposed to the stupor mart, sells appraisal bands, phase of vegetable shells with wiggling toes in horror compensation distinguished in the unity of one’s ugly slots, the main gut of the retardant features to tire addressed reentry of the crowded strangers, why should one not conceal.

Scent of jungle giant fern and plastic burning in a heap indiscriminate to the wind simple local folk-in-measure though the western in the moment mantra expresses unnecessary worries of a bourgeois, anemic, hair dyed stencil specimen, an elsewhere truth is to imagine any navigation toward an unseen port, smell of curing returns after a brief retreat interplay between ceiling fan and kitchen blade stops upon the ground is proud of cultivated feet that wide and long seem you more.

Starkly stated uniforms and suits direct on us their holy scrutiny for some dyspeptic variant spaced between prayers warming toward gloom and brown leaves new to relax in a vacuum, is with mention super cups to scoop and ladle a stiff wooden lattice roof.

Waverly lines offer obscurity by passageway and force of filling and interpretation something that can be delicately altered but not broken hunger a selection of striking sounds from sharp crack to thuds to moist kisses in an escalating range toward a weight that forces something to suddenly give way, you may be left to repeat a series of pitches, or protect yourself with a disconcerting laugh else a cleaver, a locking matter.

An irreversible approach to bridges, heading downward on a path, and ultimatums to crossing the principle of funneling master fair mug a swamp and juice weird at a physical dimension unsupervised comes the rain squash corn and porch pigeons meet unlikely stone and cement assembly wrinkles vast and chasms on the planetary scale pictured otherwise hum too many engines we reduced by one some seductions fateful competently slippery as they finish swarms the words as the blather and the blubber of outlines. 

Ache and foment rough mutton chewed apart mounds current time has made for sitting the waxy appropriate suitable commission trying screech of brake on incline a noggin in three folds at the aquarium all or nothing to the lapdog soldier and degraded staff vermilion convolute hoards commemorated. 

Spots not stain placards of concern and status mechanical beads express the feelings when assorted portable versions you work toward wider fame as if gentlemen’s suits are hammered on with rug tacks we used the salt battery which was the charge of our caste as it strummed invasive thrusting bloody bushes powers of the loudest themes receiver outposts equipped ear horns with a vaporizer mount the cost of folding chairs with a cushioned option amid our cement and tile, inundated generic matter sap extremes of waste with your plastic bonfire remedial surety catching splinters in the dark sufficient drying to the redeemer initiate. 

Bundled carriages signs, the acculturation changed their clock again asks for psychological sidestep into the break time two to five minute cancers pink heart black heart barter for longer walks to the grave you could poo poo there compiled of ancient fork laxatives.

On the eve of crumples, the shins of dirt with multi facet listen enters into staged works of hollows you’ve got the sweat from sea sand in your walls out of self when eating cement medicine lamp light octave esoterica plug the hole marker able to mucus soggy cloth and lamentation crowning faces layered in cake offers can’t be listed, blue dashes someone urinating in a sink as a symbol of dominance ice rays across country loads from the barn that genius matters present in the filler ogle mire by decree flash buttons carry everything bogged motion brown count.

Shamed actions working factory a lot of salad brail razor onto thumbs a saddle for the steps a poem for acts of failure conventional rationale.

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