Four ARTSPEECH members Petra Dankova, Emma F. Kohoutova, Michael Tyrrell and Milan Kohout participate in this collective show at Midway Gallery in Boston. )

“Waking up from a Covid Nightmare into Global Climatic Collapse Nightmare”
Curated by Milan Kohout.

Midway Studios Gallery15 Channel Ctr St., Boston, MA ,USA
Open from September 15 till November 15, 2021every day from 8Am till 8PM

Michael Tyrrell: “Face the Nation”
Emma F. Kohoutova: “An Issue of Domestication”
Petra Dankova: “Some Things Fall Apart”
Milan Kohout, Petra Dankova: “Yves Klein’s Family Drowning”(Real bodies size imprints on a glass)
Milan Kohout:( three pieces)
“Checking the Blood Pressure of rivers, the Veins of our Collapsing Eco-System”
“Flood of Death”

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