Here is my latest performance art drone cartoon about how the word “antisemitism” is weaponized and completely politicized and used as the sleazy unfair baton beating heads of the students protesting horrible genocide in Gaza. This genocide is being committed by the people of Israel who are affiliated with the Judaistic religion. This religion developed that unusual word “antisemitism” (by the way original Semites are Palestinians – so it is semantical nonsense in the first place..and so-called Jews are pan-racial and pan-ethnic people from all around the world).

The people who were killed by nazis in concentrations camp or survived them (like my mother) would kick the asses of those who are using this word now just for their selfish interests.

Here is my essay:

“Contemporary Plato Cave Allegory:

The meaning of the word ‘ANTISEMITISM’ has been completely diluted.

It is just a hollow sound to me.

A sound that echoes and bounces between the stone walls in the huge cave, where brainwashed people dwell in extreme existential terror of its reverberations.

To ensure the deadly effect of this word, huge speakers at each corner of the cave relentlessly amplify its sound a million times each day, blurring the distinction between day and night within the cave.

The cave dwellers know all too well the significance of that word, as they have been taught since birth that it is the voice of the chosen god, beyond challenge or question.

They understand that speaking out can cost them their dirty cave-generated jobs. They know they can be fired from the universities within the cave, where they teach the next generation in its dark corners about the ‘reality’ of these illusions.

The cave people of various phantasmagorical religions now revere the sound of that word, guided by their cave-manufactured religious texts that portray it as the big gods’ existential saint ‘phallus and vagina.’

Yet one bright day, a new Plato finally encourages some of them to illegally escape from the dark cave.

Once beneath the real sky, the escapees realize that the sound of the word ‘ANTISEMITISM’ is merely an artificial construct, unlike the millions of powerful natural sounds in the surrounding world.

These enlightened people run back to the cave, eager to share their newfound freedom of mind and speech with their brainwashed brothers and sisters.

However, they hit the walls of disbelief, hatred, and refusal.

Brainwashed people resist having their illusions shattered because they believe them to be the ultimate truth upon which their lives depend. They’re victims of lifelong indoctrination.

Once again, as has often happened in the past, they turn against the enlightened few and imprison them in chains and internal cave cells carved into the historical layers of sediment.

They start to torture these escaped souls, hoping to catch what they consider criminal thoughts and eliminate them from their minds.

And a big fat McCarthy, comfortably seated in a cushioned corner with secret access to the real world above the cave, laughs all the way to the bank.”

just for your curiosity..I am not using any AI or Photoshop for creating my is a setup for this piece in my studio:

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