An art piece by Mike Tyrrell which was ordered to be taken down at the ARTSPEECH show at MIdway Gallery

In Mike Tyrrell’s own words:

“I was deeply proud of my piece, Breakfast with Bibi a commentary on Settler Colonialism with roots right here in Fort Point Channel (Domino Sugar, Bank of Boston, and the United Fruit Company,s exploits in Africa as well as Latin and South America,
leading up to the grafting of the Israeli State onto what was the pre-existing British Imperial project in Palestine).

Had the show not been so hastily ransacked we would have had time to mount our name tags and project descriptions. Alas, nothing was learned, and unfortunately, all our hard work and expense were forced to yield to a profound ignorance on the true nature of anti-semitism. Given the ongoing genocide in Gaza, It is now clear our show was timely and necessary. If some works were interpreted as graphically troubling no real effort was expended to determine why or how the condition could be mitigated. The outcome was turbulent and unprofessional.”

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