This poster which Milan Kohout and Petra Dankova made in 2014 as a warning against rising nazism in Ukrainian society was a part of our censored ARTSPEECH show.
It was inspired by the very famous Russian poster created during the Second World War ( see enclosed). We used a stretched women’s pantyhose and a stylized snake head for the body of the snake.

Our poster was published in 2022 in the Italian magazine devoted to fighting fascism in the special issue: “100 Years of Antifascism”.

See here:

During the ARTSPEECH show was our poster ransacked from the wall without our approval and we were accused of “promoting in that image killing jews”.
This is an alarming example of how art can be interpreted completely differently and how important it is for artists to have complete freedom of expression.
If some big brother arbiter ( not understanding art) gains absolute censorship control over art creativity it can lead to a totalitarian system where artists would be jailed for their art.


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