Here is another example of the action of a stupid and not educated censor of art which can cause a big social harm.

It is an image made by James Coleman and was also a part of the censored ARTSPEECH show. His picture was ransacked during the night from the wall without his approval.

“The big censor” obviously reacted to the cover word of a historical can used in his image.

Here is a description of his art in his own words sent to the board:

“Dear Board Members, I am James Ellis Coleman an Artist whose Photographs were vandalized prior to the Existential Dialogue Show. Being a Black Artist who tries to raise awareness about the culture of racism and sexism still existing and negatively impacting our society. I Use Ephemera and Collectable objects from our culture that were produced appropriately 75 to 100 + years ago. Those racist and sexist ideas that encouraged and allowed the production of those derogatory objects are still very much present and being made aware of them is prescient to the eliminating the negative impacton to us all. you can’t change what you’re not aware of. Allowing Black Artists or any Artistic voice to be silenced by vandalism in a Gallery located in ‘Midway Artist Studios’ is extremely disheartening.”

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